Below are the Latest blog articles from North-West Jobs. These will hopefully give you tips on how to help nail down that perfect job. Tips including job interview techniques to CV writing. If you have an articles or any tips that would be useful to our readers please lets us know.

Consider Childminding as a career at our annual FermanaghWorks Jobs Fair

Attending our annual FermanaghWorks Careers Fair is NICMA, drop in and find out more about becoming a registered childminder.

Company’s expansion to deliver 20 new jobs for Omagh

Great news for Omagh as Courier Company will create 20 new jobs

South West College to host Jobs Fair

“Fermanagh Works,” a Jobs and Careers Fair is open to the public and takes place at South West College, Enniskillen on Thursday 29 September between 12 noon and 3pm.

Angry? Deep Breaths… Calm Down

Responding to situations when angry is not advisable, so go through the anger process and then when calm, address the problem.

10 Admirable Attributes Of A Great Employee

Whether you are job hunting or are in a job looking to progress, what makes you stand out from everyone else? Have you ever stoppedContinue reading

Coming together to encourage local employment opportunities

Promoting local jobs and careers within the Fermangh area

10 Tips to prepare for redundancy

If you’re worried about your job security, then it’s vital that you start to think about what would happen if you were made redundant tomorrow.

Ulster council seeking replacement for Danny Murphy

The Ulster Council are seeking an experienced professional with a passion for the promotion of Gaelic Games and Irish Culture

Attack Of The Giant Sandwich!

Sandwiches are great, they’re cheap, quick, healthy and delicious but after a while they can get a little bit dreary. Also, sometimes they can leave a little to be desired in terms not quite being satisfied enough.

Successful Goal Setting

Setting goals, either for your own benefit or for the benefit of your company is essential for keeping you motivated and to ensure that you can measure your progress.