Nicole Quigley

Moving On

“The time has come my little friends to talk of other things…” The Walrus, Alice in Wonderland, Disney, 1951. Not a bad wee quote for my life at the moment, as it pains me to inform you all, that I am in fact, moving on from North-West News Group and North-West Jobs.

Sorry, Not Sorry

Saying “Sorry” can be be a difficult one. They usually follow an argument, and they usually are exchanged after a heated discussion and often some hurt feelings. When you are wrong, it’s important to admit that you’re wrong, especially if it’s at the expense of someone else’s feelings.

Holding Yourself Back

A friend of mine recently finished a relationship, based solely on the reason that she felt that her partner was holding her back. She is adventurous and loves to travel, but is also fiercely career driven and loves to achieve and progress. He is a chilled and relaxed individual, happy to work just enough to have what he needs and spend the rest of his time in the outdoors.

Is It Ever Too Late To Learn?

Learning is fun! No I know you’re rolling your eyes and think I sound like an incessantly peppy cheerleader, but it really is. I love learning and I actually enjoy studying, to a degree. In the darkest of my university days there was nowhere I’d rather have been less than the library. Especially during May and June (exam season) but that was only because the sun was out and Botanic was busy. You Belfast university kids will know what I’m talking about.

What’s Meant To Be Will Be

I am a big planner, i love planning things, especially if that planning can include highlighters and colour coded stationary. I like knowing when things are happening, how they’re happening and I like, in all honesty to be in control of both those things. Going with the flow, is not something that I’m always very good at.

The Importance Of Taking A Risk

There is a quote by Jim Rohn, that has stayed with me since the second i read it. “If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.” I came across this quote again on that wonderful waste of time, Pinterest, and it got me thinking about risks and how important it is that we take them.

So You’re Uncertain About The Future Of Your Job

It’s not a nice topic by a long shot but unfortunately it is a very real one, for a lot of people. In today’s job market you can be sure of nothing, with last minute cutbacks and redundancies happening every day, the harsh reality is that, you could lose your job at a moment’s notice.

Learn To Bust Your Gut

Recently I had that meeting that is dreaded above all others, the review meeting. Like all reviews, there were positives and there were negatives but in my opinion, it did not go well.

Stop Second Guessing Yourself

We are told by society, by our peers and by a lot of media sources, never to sing our own praises.

How To Cope When You Have To Miss The Sunshine

This week has been a particular struggle here in the North-West Jobs Office.