PLAYLIST: Stress Free

A soothing playlist guaranteed to calm your work day afternoon

PLAYLIST: Mood Booster

Complement your work load with this get happy, pick me up, feel good playlist. Packed full of upbeat tunes totalling 3 hours and 40 minutes,Continue reading

PLAYLIST: Midday Folk

With just over 2 hours of foot tapping folk, it will be lunch time before you know it!

PLAYLIST: To get you working through the day!

If you’ve a deadline due then stick on your headphones and listen to this playlist.

PLAYLIST: Rock your Work Day

Fed up listening to calming, relaxing music to get you through your working day? Then we’ve the playlist for you. Rock your way through yourContinue reading

PLAYLIST: Improve concentration

Sometimes it can be hard to keep focused at work especially if you are based in a noisy, busy workplace. If you are looking toContinue reading

PLAYLIST: Office Detox

Where would we be without music? If you are having a stressful day at the office, then this playlist is guaranteed to dispel the toxicContinue reading

PLAYLIST: Christmas Party Tunes

Looking for some inspiration for your office Christmas party, then have a look at a few Spotify Playlist party tunes we’ve picked for you below.Continue reading

PLAYLIST: Festive Spirit

This Playlist that is fully loaded with Festive tunes including, Last Christmas, Let it Snow! and Santa Baby, to name but a few.

PLAYLIST: Afternoon Acoustic

Feeling full after lunch? In need of some mellow tunes to help you focus on your afternoon tasks? Then simply plug in your earphones, clickContinue reading