The Lighter Side

Do You Hold Yourself Back?

We constantly hold ourselves back from doing the things we really want to. We make up excuses, whether it’s because of money (which we’ll admit is a very valid reason at times) or because of fear.

Do You Feel Valued At Work?

Folllowing on from our infographic yesterday about how to keep your employees happy, we thought we’d ask you, our readers, how many of you feel happy and valued at work? Do you feel appreciated and looked after by your employer? Or do you dread going to work in the morning because your boss is a fire breathing dragon?

How To Keep Your Staff Retention High.

Having a high staff retention is a key component of having a successful business and a successful work force that will constantly and consistently achieve. Achievement is key to improvement, improvement gives way to growth, and growth leads to further success.

Are You Assertive In Meetings?

It’s not always easy to be confident and assertive in meetings. You have to speak in front of a larger group and communicate your points and ideas effectively.

Are you happy on your career path?

Unfortunately you can’t just walk into your dream job. In most scenarios, you’ll have to work your way up by having a few jobs that you have to see as “stepping stones.” You will grandually work your way towards your final goal.

How Your Personality Can Affect Your Profession

We all have multiple aspects and characteristics to our personalities, some of us are outgoing and love social situations, whereas would prefer to work alone or do things in our leisure time that don’t necessarily require interactions with large groups.

Boss Vs Leader

Bosses and Leaders are two different things, even if they are viewed by many people as having a similar role. Both have a position of authority and both are charged with delegating tasks, and managing teams of staff.

Are you job hunting?

It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the job market, and to monitor what is going on in terms of employment in your field. But how many of you are actively looking for a job, or for alternative employment?

Surprising Ways To Be More Productive

Being productive may seem like the most simple thing to some people, and may feel like the most difficult for others. We find ourselves constantly trying to go the extra mile by working overtime, paying attention to detail and multitasking.

Should Every Weekend Be 3 Days Long?

3 Day weekends are phenomenal! You get an extra day to your weekend for one.