5 Tools To Stay Organised For Your New Job

First of all, congratulations on the new job and taking the next step in your career. Now the trick is to get organised and keep the momentum you’ve gained from being hired in the first place. It’s easy to be a rabbit in the headlights when you start a new job, learning the culture, assessing the temperaments of your colleagues. If you someone who has a tendency to be unorganised starting a new job can be a daunting task.

There is help available to keep all the distractions at bay and to focus on work. Since seeking help from people from work can have negative impact it’s better to rely on software tools rather than human help. Resorting to such tools can also increase your organising capability over the course of time.

Google Keep

Writing your notes down isn’t always the best practice, especially if you can’t read or understand your own writing later.  Making use of free apps that are available is a great way of keeping your thoughts and ideas in one place. Google keep is one such place and can be used to create digital reminders that can be kept, deleted or edited anytime. 

Project Management Tools Like Wrike

Using a project management tool like Wrike will help you to develop your strategies, map your goals and keep track of your resources. Tools like this can be used and shared by anybody in an organisation to manage projects together effectively. 

Wrike allows:

  • Quick access of folders and projects
  • Cloud storage and Dropbox integration
  • Google Keep integration
  • Integration with other project management tools
  • Knowledge management for better help desk information 
  • Can act as a repository for storing documents
  • Automate work and many more

Time Management Apps

If timekeeping is your Achilles Heel then consider using a Time Management App. There are plenty available online that are free to download. They can be used on smartphones or on a desktop. They are simple to use and will help your compartmentalise your tasks into bite size, manageable chunks. 

Other features of such time management app include:

  • A detailed time log for your daily schedule
  • Goal setter
  • Sleep tracker
  • Self-improvement module
  • A vivid analytics to get a better picture of your time spending
  • Productivity tracker to get rid of all the distractions

Mind mapping tools

Like time management apps, there are mind mapping tools available online for free or a small premium. Where they differ however is that they are more abstract and creative. Rather than one straight organised process, mind mapping is preparing for various twists and turns a project could take. They are of most use when you are still deciding the direction of a project. 

Features of mind mapping tools include:

  • User friendly interface
  • Exporting files such as jpeg, bmp/bitmap, XML, PDF 
  • Presentation, note taking, slides etc.
  • Goal setting, color coding, budgeting, qualitative analysis, 
  • Vector drawing, topological network 
  • Diagrams, flow-charts, graphs 

Habit Improvement Apps

Powerful habits will ultimately lead to better overall organisation. These digital journal apps encourage positive habits and attempt to combat the negative ones like procrastination. From classical-conditioning techniques to just practical advice, don’t underestimate how useful an app like this can be. 

Features of the apps include:

  • Multi-platform compatibility 
  • Reward features for completing good tasks
  • Percentage and streak counter
  • Goals setter
  • Inspiring quotes and videos
  • Graphical representation of tasks
  • Cloud storage