8 Techniques To Help You Ace A Job Interview

There are few things in life that are more stressful than a job interview. Whether you’re the confident type, the laid back type, or like the majority of us, the stress about everything type, those long moments when you are waiting outside the interview room eyeing up the other candidates and silently reaching the conclusion that at least one of them will be picked over you, levels us all.

It needn’t be that way though. Here’s our top tips on making sure you get that job

Do Your Homework- Make sure you have done the relevant research on your potential employer. What they do, what their future plans are, what they are looking for in an employee being things that should top your list.

Know Your Stuff- It may seem obvious, but the interview questions are most likely going to be centred around your area of supposed expertise and the criteria set out in the job spec. Make sure you are able to use your expertise to answer the questions.

Prepare model answersAgain, this comes down to research or spending time going through the job spec. Using all the information you have, try to predict what likely questions might be and prepare model answers, which you can then rehearse in the days before the interview. 

Be prepared to talk about yourself–  It’s a thing that most of us don’t like to do and few of us do very well, but any potential employer will want to know what personal and professional qualities you have, as well as what experience you have, to help them make a decision as to whether you would be a good fit for the job. Make a list of your qualities and how you have applied them in your previous experiences to good effect.

Be prepared for the curve ballMany employers are now going down the route of competence based interviews. This may mean that you arrive on the day to find yourself faced with having to give a presentation on an unseen topic or complete an unseen task. Like your preparation in predicting what questions you might get at interview, try to think about a few task titles you might be given and prepare accordingly. If the topic doesn’t come up. Just try not to stress and apply your expertise as best you can. A lot of the time you will be assessed more on how competent you are in giving the presentation mores than its content.

Turn Negatives into PositivesThis is another form of curve ball. You may be asked about your worst working experience and why it was so. Employers will appreciate honesty but they will also be looking for how you learned from the experience or how you solved the issue at the time.

Dress to ImpressIt goes without saying that you should be tidily and formally dressed for the occasion. It’s worth checking the employer dress code beforehand also. You should also feel comfortable in your outfit also so remember to try it on at least a few days before the interview. If you haven’t worn your best business suit since before Christmas, it may not fit so well now for example.

Take Time to PrepareYou will generally have at least a few days between receiving your invite to the interview and the interview itself. Don’t leave everything to the last minute to prepare. You’ll only cause yourself additional stress. This also includes planning your travel on the day, to make sure you arrive early.