Here’s What Not To Have On Your Social Media When Job Hunting

In the current employment climate, the role of Social Media has never been more important. Used properly it can make you, in terms of landing that perfectly job. Not used properly though, it can lead to you being overlooked for that dream job, or even worse, losing it. Here’s our top tips on What Not To Have on Social Media When Job Hunting:

Things that make you seem unprofessional

We’ve all seen those GIF’s that show a car  being driven at speed out of the car park of the workplace, or someone running away from their office, tossing papers as they go. Whilst we can all identify with these and get the humour, they may not be a good thing for a potential future employer to be judging your professional attitude on.

Rants about your previous employment or colleagues

Needless to say, this will rightly present you as being unprofessional and will invariably lead to any future employer thinking that in the future you may feel at liberty to post similar comments about them. 

Poorly Constructed Posts

Like it or not, your posts are a reflection of your writing. Bad grammar and poor spelling reflect on your writing ability, regardless of the circumstance. Yes, it may have been a rushed post and spelling doesn’t really matter on Social Media, right? Actually, it does, especially if you are job hunting at the time.

An “Interesting” Profile Name or Handle

Whilst it may have been cool at the time to call yourself “LivLaffLuv” back in the Uni or School Days, it may not be such a good idea now. The same can be said of your profile description. If there is anything in there that could be judged as inappropriate, rude or in bad taste, it’s probably time for a refresh.

Keep It Clean

Use of swearing, offensive or bigoted viewpoints, sexual references or references to drugs or alcohol should be avoided, particularly if accompanied by pictures. What may be intended as humour or what was just a poor decision to post, whatever the reason, could be something you will come to regret. If your profile, particularly your recent posts contain such content, it might be time to clean up your act.

A Prolific Post Rate

If you are posting lots of times each day, particularly during working hours, it is not unreasonable for a potential future employer to think that you are wasting the company time. Time is money, right? So if they suspect you of having the potential to waste company time and therefore money, they will not want to have you on their books.