Looking for a Graduate Job: Here’s What You Need To Know

So, the hard work has been done, the rented cap and gown have been returned, there’s a picture of their newly graduated darling hanging somewhere pride of place in your parents front room, now it’s time to get a job and put a dent into that student loan. Here’s our top tips in landing that  graduate job for you:

Make Yourself More Employable

With increased numbers of graduates entering an already crowded employment market every year, having a degree in itself is no longer a guarantee of a good graduate job. You need to stand out from the crowd. This can be done through taking on some voluntary work, work experience or adding some additional qualifications to your CV through online or distance learning courses. You could even consider the increasingly popular route to employment via internships or by becoming a social media influencer by perhaps blogging or podcasting within your field of expertise.

Be Pro-active in your Job Search

Do not just wait for jobs to be advertised, upload your CV to Recruitment Websites and email your CV around the companies who you would like to work for. These, accompanied by a good covering letter can often make you stand out in the mind of a potential employer and put you ahead of the hunt.

Use Your Contacts

It can be true in life, that landing that perfect job is not always just about what you know, it’s also about who you know. Make the most of your existing contacts and do not be shy in cultivating new ones. Networking sites liked LinkedIn have become popular in this regard and to very good effect.

Clean Up Your Social Media

Increasingly, your social media profiles can be something that potential employers look to when making decisions on whether or not you are a suitable candidate for them. Some even have dedicated people on their HR teams who are responsible for trawling through the social media of current and potential future employees, to ensure their credibility as an employer is not compromised. Now might be a time for a social media spring clean. Whilst they will look favourably on your post on volunteering at the local homeless shelter on Christmas Day, your status update on winning the Jaeger Bomb Challenge at the Students Union Halloween Ball may not impress so much. 

Attend Careers Fairs

Careers Fairs happen frequently and often have the specific aim of graduate recruitment. Check out where and when there is one near you and make the most of the opportunities that are being made available. Talk to the representatives of the different companies on the day. You may find an opportunity may present itself that you haven’t thought of before, or at worst, you will have boosted your confidence and further developed your skills in selling yourself as a potential candidate attending job interviews in the future.