Want A Promotion? Here’s 6 Top Tips To Help You Bag The Job Of Your Dreams

You’ve worked hard. You’ve invested a lot in your career development and now you’re ready. That big promotion is almost within your grasp. The truth is though, that in today’s marketplace, there could be dozens of people just like you, vying for that job,YOUR job. So, how do you make sure you get it?

Do your current job well

From arriving early to leaving late, from smashing your targets to supporting your colleagues, one thing that will always impress is a can do attitude.

Set Career Goals and make them known

Your boss is not a mind reader. They will not know that you wish to be considered for promotion unless you tell them. Obviously, you need to choose your words carefully, but it’s important to make your intentions clear.

Be a Leader

Ultimately, this is one of the most important qualities that an employer is looking for within higher positions. You need to demonstrate that it is a quality that you possess even if it’s something that you feel doesn’t come naturally to you.

Be accountable and trustworthy

If you make a mistake, hold your hands up to it. Your employer will appreciate the transparency and will be glad that they can trust you despite your error.

Brush up on your employability skills

Refresh your CV, practise your interview technique and research the questions you are likely to be asked at interview. The old adage, ‘Fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ could not be more true in this context.

Update Your Qualifications & Training

You know what your career goals are and in most cases, you will know or be able to research what the future aims and plans of the company are. Use this information to give you an edge over other candidates. This can be done by taking evening classes, looking at online or distance learning courses. Adding to your CV whilst showing that you have not only your career goals in mind, but the goals of the company also will be something that your current and / or future employers cannot fail to notice and be impressed by.

Keep these things in mind in your preparation and you’ll nail it. Remember though, practise makes perfect so if it doesn’t work out this time, keep trying.